General provisions 2018


on organization and holding

of the II International Competition for kobyz players

named after Tlep Aspantaiuly

(for bowed string folk instruments performers)


1. General provisions


1. In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan’s capital – Astana city, will be held the II International Competition for kobyz players named after Tlep Aspantaiuly (hereinafter – Competition).

2. This Provision shall define the rules, goals, objectives, and the procedure of conducting and funding.

3. The Competition is held on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana.

4. The founder and organizer of the Competition is the Charity Fund named after Tlep Aspantaiuly.


Countries participating in the Competition:


• Republic of Azerbaijan

• Republic of Armenia

• Republic of Belarus

• Republic of Bulgaria

• Federal Republic of Germany

• Hellenic Republic

• Georgia

• Arab Republic of Egypt

• Republic of India

• Islamic Republic of Iran

• Italian Republic

• Republic of Kazakhstan

• People’s Republic of China

• Kyrgyz Republic

• Lebanese Republic

• Republic of Lithuania

• Republic of Moldova

• Mongolia

• Republic of Poland

• Russian Federation: Altai Republic, Tuva Republic, Republic of Tatarstan, Republic of Khakassia, Sakha Republic, Republic of Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Republic of Crimea, Republic of Bashkortostan

• Romania

• Syrian Arab Republic

• Republic of Tajikistan

• Turkmenistan

• Republic of Turkey

• Republic of Uzbekistan

• Ukraine

• Republic of Finland

• French Republic

• Republic of Croatia

• Kingdom of Sweden

• Republic of Estonia

• Republic of Korea

• Japan

2. Competition aims and objectives


1. The Competition is organized in order to improve performance skills of kobyz players, to strengthen international cultural relations, to identify the most talented and promising artists, to develop stringed folk instruments performances, as well as to promote musical art of Kazakhstan.

2. Competition objectives:

• The Competition is announced on the nomination of bowed string folk instruments (kobyz, hur, kyryympa, morinkhuur, igil, ikili, byzanchi, huchir, erhu, khegym, gyjak, lizherika, kemancha, huqin, gadulka, topshur, gudok, ravanahatha, doshpuluur, khomus, shechepshin, abhartsa, banhu, kyl-kyyak kobyz,kabakkemane,kemenche, jouhikko, rebab, rababa, talharpa (tagelharpa, stakharpa), nyckelharpa, andother)

• Education of aesthetic, humanistic and patriotic feelings of kobyz players;

• Support and promote the playing a musical instrument "kobyz";

• Empower students to self-realization and social recognition;

• The development and strengthening professional and cultural connections, improving the quality of the musical-pedagogical education in the country, promoting the exchange of experiences between teams and teachers;

• Enriching the repertoire of artists with new works, to stimulate creativity of kobyz players.

3. Competition participants


1. Competition is held between students of music universities, and professional performers.

2. Participant has the right to play on only one bowed string folk instruments of their country. The number of participants from each country equal to the number of bowed string folk instruments of that country.

3. Kazakhstan has the right to nominate up to 16 participants for the Competition.


4.Competition procedure


1.  Musicians willing to participate must be at least 18 years old

2. The Competition is open to individual artists who have experience of concert performances and declared themselves on the national, regional and international competitions and festivals.

3.First round – the participants perform one of the three compositions of Tlep Aspantaiuly: «Baqsy», «Allamzhar», «Tolgau» (notes included).

4. Second round – the participants perform the composition of country which they represent.

5.Each performance does not exceed four (4) minutes.

6. The key criteria of assessment are the level of the artistic performance, technics, knowledge of the stylistic features, artistry.


Rules of participation:

1. In order to join the Competition,the participants have to send the following documents to the Organizing Committee no later than 30 July, 2018:

* application form (Appendix №1);

* creative biography of the participant;

* high resolution images in stage costume;

* passport copy;

* 3-4 minutes footage of performing any composition on an instrument.

Note: Application form with the above material have to be sent to the email address of the organizing committee or by mail for the following address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Kereyand JanybekKhans street, 18, a concert hall «Tіlep Kobyz Palace»,BC «Samal», 507,,


2.  The Organizing Committee reserves the right to suspend from participation the performer if the data in the questionnaire are not valid.

3. The preliminary selection of the participants is implemented by the Organizing Committee according to the results of the extramural trial hearing, and confirms the participation by the official letter not later than one (1) month prior to the Competition.



1. The Organizing Committee will bear costs associated with accreditation of the participant, food, accommodation in Astana, interurban transport.

2. The participant of the junior group can come only with one accompanying person (producer, administrator, etc.).The Organizing Committee will also bear costs associated with food and accommodation of the accompanying person.

3. The accompanying person of the senior group participant will join at his own expense.

4. The participant or sending country will bear transport costs to Astana and back.

5. During the Competition, all participants and accompanying persons are accommodated in the same hotel by Organizing Committee and provided with a bus for transportation around the city.

5. The medical insurance is provided by the participant or sending country.

6. If necessary, the management of the Competition will assist in obtaining a visa (the provision ofletters, invitations, etc.).


5. Competition dates



1. Dates of the Competition:11-14 September, 2018.

2. Venue: Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city, Kerey and Janybek Khans Street, 18, «Tilep Kobyz Palace» concert hall.


6. Jury


1. The Jury is formed by the Organizing Committee from among eminent persons of culture, popular performers, composers, and producers, representatives of the creative intellectuals, having the international recognition and contributing for the popularization of the Competition ideas and not being the managers or producers of the participants.

2. The quantitative composition of the Jury - no more than 9 persons, including the Chairman of the Jury, Responsible and Technical Secretaries of the Jury. Chairman of the Jury shall be approved by the Organizing Committee.

3. The Jury evaluates the performance by 10-point system. The lowest score is taken rating of «4» (four).

4.Criteria for assessing performance are determined by the composition of the Jury at the first organizational meeting of the Jury, which is held before the start of the Competition.

5. Form ofJury vote - open (electronic).

Voting by Jury members takes place at the end of each participant's performance on each day of the performance.Voting results are displayed on theLEDs display on stage and publicly announced. The results of voting for two days are summarized.Among the performers for the most points received in two days of listening, the Jury determines the winner of the «Grand Prix», Laureates and Diplomants of the Competition.

6. Applicants for the «Grand Prix» of the Competition is the competitor with the highest total score at the end of the two-day listening. At the Gala Concert, he has to play kobyz of  Tlep Aspantaiuly(250 years old).

7. The Jury has the right to divide the prize (except for the «Grand Prix» and the 1st Prize) in equal shares between the two contestants, received an equal number of points, or a negligible difference scores (up to 2 points). If by the decision of the Jury it is not possible to determine the participant, who meets the required criteria for the award (including the «Grand Prix»), the prize is not awarded.

8.The Jury meetings are closed; the decision of Jury is final and not subject to revision.

9.The Jury’s decision is documented in the protocols. Protocols of Jury are made in Kazakh, Russian and English languages and constantly kept in the CompetitionManagement Board. The Jury in its work operates under the present Provision on Competition.


7. Prizes and awards


1. According to the results of Competition performance, the following awards and prizes are awarded:

«Grand Prix» - the special award and "Grand-Prix" winner certificate, money reward in amount of $ 5,000.

«1st Award» - the special award and certificate of competition prize winner (the Winner of the «1st Award»), money reward in amount of 3,000 US dollars.

«2nd Award» - the special award and certificate of competition prize winner (the Winner of the «2nd Award»), money reward in amount of 2,000 US dollars.

«3rd Award» - the special award and certificate of competition prize winner (the Winner of the «3rd Award»), money reward in amount of 1000 US dollars.


2. The contestant, who is not awarded the title of Laureate, is awarded with a diploma, with conferring the title of Diploma winner.

3. Distribution of the special awards and prizes to the participants by organizations, associations, enterprises of different form of property, media, eminent figures shall be perform with the consent of the Organizing Committee and Jury.


8. The special provisions


1. The participant shall guarantee the availability of rights to the use of the declared compositions. All relationships regarding author’s and allied rights with Authors Associations and other organizations involved for their security and related to this competition are under the participants’ own power.

2.The participant (Prize winner, Award winner) entitles the Organizing Committee to:

* use the compositions (materials submitted for Competition) and demonstrate them in informative, advertising and other purposes;

* reproduce all performances that have taken place within the Competition through any media and by any means;

* produce audio and video products on the basis of the live performance at the Competition with the aim of spreading for competition advertising and other purposes;

* The present authorities are valid all over the world.

3. All winners and participants are required to participate in the Gala Concert and play the proposed compositions.


9. Final Provisions


1.Participation in the competition implies full and absolute acceptance of the rules of this Provision.

2.In case of non-fulfillment of the rules of this Provision, the contestant may be disqualified.

3. Disqualification in Competition implies the following:

* violation of the rules of the present Provision;

* harming the Competition image;

* absence of the participant at the run-through;

* deviation from the scheduled performance such as it was at the run-through;

* copyright infringement, conflict with the Jury, Organizers and Sponsors;

* pressure on Jury, Organizers, Sponsors in order to receive preferences;

* obscene and vulgar behavior towards the members of the Organizing Committee, Jury and the Public;

* decision on disqualification shall be made by the Organizing Committee of the Competition.



Appendix №1- «Application for participation»

Appendix №2- «Competition Program»


Organizing Committee:


+7(7172) 546662; +77014703519 (mobile)